6 reasons for companies migrating to Windows 8, according to Microsoft

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Your company is in doubt whether or not to migrate to Windows 8 ? According to Professor of Computer Networks of FIAP, Almir Alves Meira, there are resources that can help facilitate the day to day of the corporation and increase productivity. 

However, he warns that Windows Vista had many compatibility issues and applications that Microsoft was right to fix it in the new version of the system. “Microsoft has, in fact, concerned with the issue. It’s a caution that other operating systems often have “analyzes.

Microsoft lists six reasons for companies to leave the old version of the operating system and to pass current. “Windows 8 brings important features of Windows 7, such as management, security and reliability, but with a new interface and enhancements,” says Alves Priscyla, general manager of Microsoft’s Windows Brazil. According to the executive, one of the new attractions system for the corporate market is the possibility of renewing the professional user experience. “More than attract IT company, we now want to hook the employee,” he says, adding that Windows 8 nods flag consumerization, which is gateway technology in corporations. “The consumerization broke the thin line between professional and personal. All the attractions of Windows are in line with those universes, “says Michel Levy, president of Microsoft Brazil. “The Windows 8 tablet allows you to merge with the convenience of desktop productivity,” adds Priscyla. Below the strengths of Windows 8 for companies, according to Microsoft, and ratings of Professor of Computer Networks of FIAP.

 1. Windows To Go To Go feature Windows, Windows 8, the operating system becomes shifting, which can be carried by the business user. It is a thumb drive that plays on any machine, the Windows environment. “It is especially attractive for mobile users or professionals working in the home office layout. It enables increased productivity, “reports Priscyla. Professor tested for about a month, the new operating system and indicates the resource as one of the most attractive to companies. “If a company is expanding operations by opening branches, the To Go can contribute to productivity. Another interesting point is that it is integrated with Office 365, leaving the documents stored in the cloud, “he says. 

2. Customizing the Desktop When you start Windows 8, the user is faced with dynamic blocks, shown on the home screen. They are living icons.“They are the protagonists of the new concept, which brings the information to the user on the desktop”, defines Priscyla. Once determined by the IT organization, the home screen shows the most used applications via the App Locker feature. This element can also block applications not authorized by the company, such as Facebook. “IT determines the user experience, which, in turn, can streamline tasks as frequently used applications are well ahead,” explains Priscyla.According to her, customization allows the user to have the same personal experience workplace. “This enables the advancement of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” comments.About App Locker, Alves says it is an important additive safety. “This control can help companies implement security policies more effective,” he says. 

3. Application Compatibility Windows 7 Priscyla account applications on the desktop of Windows 7 have full compatibility with Windows 8. “Both hardware as software. This allows, for example, companies that choose hybrid operating system environments with a mix of computers running Windows 7 and touch screen applications with Windows 8, “he explains. “Windows 8 draws an ideal setting for groups within companies, especially those who need mobility,” notes. 

4. Discount for the corporate market to encourage migration, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Microsoft applied for rebates interested in Windows 8 Enterprise. “We have special conditions for volume licensing,” recalls Priscyla. She explains that if a company has a fleet of PCs with Windows XP, Open Upgrade mode promotes a 40% discount for companies with up to 250 employees. The value, however, was not disclosed. This promotion ends on January 31, according to general manager of Microsoft’s Windows Brazil. “We want to accelerate the deployment of Windows 8 in SMEs,” he says. Professor of FIAP assesses that this is an interesting model, since smaller businesses are unaware of the possibility of licensing agreements for quantity. 

5. Mobility That the operating system use permit from touch, boosts mobility, believes Microsoft. “Microsoft is betting a lot on the subject and touch screen.Companies may have some resistance, because the time is proving that tablets are more attractive for content consumption, not production, “says Alves. According to him, the touch screen capability will encourage industry to develop touchscreens. “HP and Acer are some manufacturers who have followed this path. Windows 8 with touch screen option can cause companies to move in this direction, “he says. Priscyla says some companies on national soil are already migrating to Windows 8. “The ability to use the system from the tap or mouse and keyboard, opens a lot of opportunities. It is an experience without restriction, you can work and have fun. ” When buying a tablet with Windows 8 Pro [standard in tablets], the company can upgrade to Windows 8 Enterprise and have a number of benefits, guarantees executive. 

6. User Experience Microsoft has endeavored to enhance the user experience, according Priscyla.Ahmed adds that although it has a different interface, for those already familiar with the Windows Phone, the change will not be as big and is more intuitive to use. “Also, if the trader has some resistance to work with the new interface, there is a feature that lets you play look similar to Windows 7. This gives more security to the person in daily use, especially for businesses, “he says. “But the change, the user will not have a rich experience,” concluded Ahmed.

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