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For some reason, there are those who insist on considering Siri, the verbal interrogation system of the iPhone 4S, as the means by which Apple hopes to wean the use of Google as a primary source of information. It’s actually just one of the means that the firm has available to it, and in fact Siri users end up using Google even more than before, since 6 out of 10 consultations by Siri are served by a Google’s service, whose voice still searches more precise. But it is interesting to discover what are the main sources of the responses and what will the next version 6 of IOS.

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray analyst specializing in Star Apple has compared the results of 800 queries to Siri in the current version-5-and 6-next-IOS operating system, and found that Google will decrease dependence on December 1 %, from 60% to 48% . The difference is due, as the two charts below from Business Insider , abandonment in IOS 6 of Google’s mapping services for Apple to adopt the new service Apple itself Maps.



Other sources are stable Siri: 2% of the responses of ‘virtual personal assistant’ in Wikipedia are from Apple, 4% of Yahoo, 14% of Wolfram | Alpha to 20% of Yelp.

It should be remembered that these figures correspond to the English version of Siri, and not necessarily occur when the application is available in other languages, including Spanish, something will happen during the autumn. In fact, it would be good did not coincide , since new sources of information on sports scores, restaurant reservations, ticket sales billboards and adopted by Apple, respectively: Yahoo Sports, Open Table, Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango, are not necessarily most comprehensive consultations here.

In any case, it is more concerned about the general imprecision Siri. According to Munster, the system of Apple hits 62% of cases , while the voice search on Google do in 86% of cases.

Siri currently only works on the iPhone 4S, but with the arrival of IOS so will 6 on the iPad 3 and, predictably, in the future iPhone 5.

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