50 reasons to choose a Samsung Galaxy S III compared to iPhone 5

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Occasionally Android compared to the competition for telephony. The problem is that people often tell us that the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or touching at that moment is only a phone and Android operating system and therefore are not comparable. In any case it seems that this is not going to be one of those occasions.

It turns out that in our relentless pursuit of porn and gatetes truth and beauty we have found a video that we list 50 reasons for preferring a Samsung Galaxy S III against an iPhone 5, as it is in English that is spoken in England, USA and those places where they have not learned Spanish (yet …) as we bring you the warm and translated below:


  • NFC. I do not think it takes that much, if not have NFC, because you do not have NFC.
  • DLNA. Perhaps not many utilicéis this feature is not present only in the S3 but many more Android phones, but thanks to it’s much easier to share our content with a TV, PC, media player, fridge …
  • MicroSD card slot. What you run out of room? No problem, put in a card and you get more.
  • Removable battery. Unless you have the Motorola RAZR MAXX megabatería not have removable battery is a pretty big problem and to have to change a battery in a time of emergency can be very interesting.
  • LED notifications. This is only half true. While the iPhone does not have LED notifications, yes it is that can emit a flash of notification through the camera flash.
  • Bigger screen. This is an advantage for many people view sales of Galaxy Note, though personally I see a matter of taste more than anything else, but if it is true that for some of the features that we will see a big screen is appreciated.
  • True HD resolution (720p). For high density of pixels you have, no matter if it comes to watching HD content because they simply can not fit on the screen, but the S3 can see video in HD thanks to the size of your screen.
  • Widgets. A more Android faithful companion and me the greatest fault of the iPhone, with how useful …
  • Live Wallpapers. Well, personally is bullshit I do not use (or think you will use), but I like to be my decision and not the manufacturer.
  • Shortcuts in the notification bar. This I do like and do not know anyone from the most basic user to advanced end not enjoying the advantages of having shortcut icons in the notification bar, saving unnecessary trips through menus.
  • Available on all major carriers. This is an advantage … in USA. In Spain we do have the iPhone and SGS3 available both with larger operators (although still cheaper to buy it out and go free with OMV).
  • Unlock methods varied. One of the innovations that brought Android 4.0 was Face Unlock, but Samsung seems to have improved also allowing even the option of combining facial and vocal release for safety.
  • You can add a personalized applications to the unlock screen. Unlike the iPhone, the flagship of Samsung can have your unlock screen to add any items that we either have to come out and save us unlock the phone.
  • The phone screen adjusts brightness variably if you’re looking. Especially useful if you’re reading or viewing photos or similar. The device detects when you look and adjusts the display brightness for comfort and better battery management.
  • Pop-up play. One of the coolest features I’ve seen in years in mobile. While watching a video you can move to other tasks (such as answering an email for example) and let the video continue playing in a corner of your screen (like PiP TVs) and then return to it without wasting time.
  • Ability to use the S-Pen. Yes, there are thousands of pencils to use capacitive screens, but there are few as good as the creature that originally launched Samsung Galaxy Note for because also, hear, and be able to take advantage of its benefits is fine.
  • Best shot. When you make a photo can be tedious (especially if you make a group of friends or a baby or a pet) ask the sitters to return to get in the right position to capture a more because someone has blinked. With BEST SHOT function pull catches a sequence of multiple images and select the best among them.
  • Internet Control spending. With the unfair conditions that establish our operators is good to know that it exists.We can manage our spending data, setting limits for applications or even control it, so we did not shoot in the expense of our own data.
  • Battery Management. One of the most negative of Android at the beginning and it seems that more and more they are caring. As with spending data, the S3 is designed to allow very detailed control of the battery and how applications use.
  • True multitasking. That yes, yes, the new iPhone is 20% more than before and also multitasking now i is more than in the previous tiny, but the fact is that in one way or another always does the same thing, a background application and ready. In Android, for a couple of evenings we have a true multitasking, which allows running multiple applications simultaneously.
  • Flash in the browser. It is becoming less useful, yes, but still, to this day there are still many psychopaths morons businesses that have not adapted their business site (or people) to technologies like HTML5 and force us to use flash to enjoy the content. As me about the Live Wallpapers, I prefer to be me who decides whether or not to use it.
  • Several AppStores. Do not want to buy in the Google Play Store? Then using the Amazon, or install and use F-Droid FOSS sack on your phone, but the fact is that you have options to install anything without infringing on your phone.
  • Attachments in emails of all kinds. This is not knew, and left me stone. Since I’ve started using Android enclosing the email I send from my mobile or tablet that is necessary and not just images or videos.
  • Send these attachments from any app. We receive all kinds of information from any application, not only from a limited collection of the same, thereby sharing the possibilities multiply.
  • Google Street View. Yes, we can go to the website and it works, do not say no, but do not run natively on your system, because the developer of it is cooler than an eight and just say no, is a political rather absurd especially when it is a useful application without real competition.
  • Explorers of files and their management. Much easier to use and what you like, but what I can not delete, copy, paste, and with all my files in my phone? Are we fools?
  • Haptic feedback. It’s one of those things that turn off as I get the phone because I find it annoying, but I have to enable visually impaired people, like my parents. I understand that there are some things about Android accessibility which is left behind, but do not understand how the iPhone is missing something so basic.
  • Complete Voice Controls (not only Voice Assistant). Do you know how convenient it is to tell the phone to postpone the alarm and not only that place at a specific time? And capture pictures saying “Cheese”! “? Those are the kinds of things you can do with vocal control and you will not have S3 on other phones.
  • Car Mode. For some time Android is enjoying a feature called car so that allows us to adapt the controls and the screen brightness for when we are driving. This device also has been adapted so that incoming messages read to us without us having to touch anything.
  • Browser options (incognito, download page to read offline, desktop mode). That’s it. Try using the browser of the iPhone series and then talked for a while.
  • Caller T9 (predictive based on the agenda). Little more need be said, but it is one of the most comfortable of Android in general.
  • Manage applications from the web version of Google Play without connecting the phone to the PC. It is curious that Apple just started to advantage here allowing iTunes to manage from the device, until Google gave the turn the tables and took the lead, allowing installing and uninstalling applications without connecting the device to the PC.
  • Service integration natively with the phone. We can use Viber or Google Voice to make calls when the option is available instead of using the phone call application, transparently for us.
  • Power saving mode. The energy saving mode, and manage certain aspects of the battery allows the processor frequency down so we saved a lot of battery and, if we need to extend a little life, we can “live” to the next magazine.
  • Possibility of returning Android and recover the money (if only for 15 min.).
  • Ability to hide / disable apps even series against the option you want to use instead.
  • Call Blacklist. What you do not want to receive calls from that heavy you met in class or that you’ve had enough naps Jazztel annoy you? Well blacklisted and not bother you again.
  • Direct call. If you open a message thread or a contact card Take the phone to the ear and just call, saving a little time.
  • Double tap to go up on a list. You just have to hit the top twice and the list that you are automatically rise to the top.
  • Customizable alerts. Notifications when we get something not visible to the phone on the table, so that the saving and instead can (for example) vibrate slightly when lifting, so we know if we have received something.
  • Tilt to increase. If you do not want to use two fingers to zoom when taking a photo, nothing happens, use only one and tilt the phone forward or backward by closing or opening the zoom.
  • Drag tilting the phone to one side or another. Something similar happens with the icons above, simply holding the icon and tilt the phone, and go to the next desk without further effort.
  • Turn off the phone knocking music. If you’re listening to music and want to silence the phone, simply turn it face down and is automatically muted.
  • Screenshot hand from side to side. The lazy rule the world, why use buttons if we can get the screenshot using our hand as a scanner? Just pass it from one side to another by dragging and get a screen capture with no more effort.
  • Launchers third. I do not like TouchWiz, I find ugly and impractical, but I have to install simply remove anything else about it and ready, a new launcher much more to my taste.
  • Third locking screens. Same thing with the lock-screen with the launcher. If you do not like it, just change it.
  • Keyboards third. One of the major competitive advantages of Android in my opinion. Swype, SwiftKey or any other keyboard can make our user experience more comfortable.
  • MicroUSB. I’m going to a friend’s house and I do not need another charger because his, to be standard, served perfectly, and his father, his girlfriend, his cousin and anyone who may need, with the iPhone pueees … rather not.
  • USB host port adapter in cheap. I stress so cheap, either MicroUSB adapter to USB Host can enable us all to phone connect to it without being a pasture in the Apple adapter.
  • Share photo shot and share buddy. One of the unique features of S3 that are most interesting. Shot Share allows you to search enabled devices to share the photo feature on nearby networks and send it directly to make. Buddy Photo Share also lets send directly to a contact in our agend

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