5 tips to make the most of Skype

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Skype is a service that, well used, can help to drastically reduce our costs in telephony. For those not familiar with the program is voice over IP (VoIP) most used in the world, with over 660 million users.Basically, it allows us to make voice and video calls through our Internet connection, anywhere in the world. It was so successful that in May 2011, Microsoft pulled out the checkbook and paid 8.5 billion dollars for the company.

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If you have not used the software, you should download it right now and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and IOS, Android and Symbian phones. If you are members already, I share five tips that will help them do more with Skype.

1. Goodbye long distance!

The long distance phone plans are a thing of the past. If you have a family member or friend in another city or abroad, Skype is the perfect solution. Just the two have a computer and a stable connection to keep in touch without spending a dime extra.

2. Turn your iPod Touch into a phone

If you have an iPod Touch, Skype can help you make a VoIP phone. Just simply downloading the mobile application. Use headsets (which have built-in microphone) to make your voice calls. Even if you have a recent model of iPod Touch, you can use the front camera for video calls. The trick works like an iPhone or an iPhone.

3. Do not abuse the camera

Skype for video calls option has not imply that you have to use it all the time. The other person may bother you to see while chatting. By default, keep the camera off. This can also help improve call quality, as many connections in Mexico do not have enough speed for the transmission of voice and image. Of course, if your connection is slow and still want to use video, I recommend a low-resolution webcam to lighten the load.

4. Question before calling

It is considered common courtesy to send a message before calling via Skype. The program has an integrated chat feature through which you can ask the other person if available for a call. This, besides being polite, will help you know if there is someone behind the monitor at the time that can help you. Indeed, the chat can also be very useful for short queries.

5. Beware of confidentiality

Be careful what you say on Skype: do not know who else may be listening. Many times, we use the computer speakers to hear our speaker, causing the talk is made public to people with whom we share instead. Unless you see the other person is wearing hearing aids, be careful what you say-and, if involved in a private conversation, ask him to put them.

Bonus: Share Your Desktop

The most current version of Skype allows you to share your desktop with your partners. This means that instead of your face on the screen of your contacts will you have on your monitor. This functionality is very useful for collaborative work, to teach something you are doing on the computer or take a tutorial. Mind you, that this feature is only available in group video conferencing, a feature of the premium version of Skype.

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