5 things you should have 7 iOS for iPhone and iPad

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The operating system of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch , iOS-has always been characterized by its simplicity and good performance . It has a very well-organized interface where we can set any parameter in a few taps, and its design is very attractive. 



Apple updates the system each year with a new release that usually present in June , and then publish it in September-October. The final version was presented  iOS 6 and with each new installment the Cupertino include new features. This update introduced many improvements but it was a leap as big as in the past, for example, going from iOS 4 to iOS 5 itself that there is more difference in this regard is expected to iOS 7 Expect major developments that make the upgrade worthwhile. In a few months Apple will reveal all the details of the next version, we selected the five most important improvements that should have iOS 7.

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In Cupertino are not very fond of this type of small visual applications and prefer to keep the home screen with the classic grid of icons. Widgets are a kind of very visual tools that allow us to obtain relevant information in a glance, for example to know how long ago or you can check our e-mail without having to open the application. Apple made ​​a timid approach to this concept with the notification center, this drop can place some widgets but are very limited. The only options are the stock widget, weather widget and share on Facebook or Twitter. would be very interesting if Apple expands the supply of widgets in the notification center and even allow developers to create their own, so we could have a special section on the App Store. But ideally, the widgets will not be limited to the drop down, but could also be placed on the lock screen or even on the home screen. The Jailbreak has exploited this concept fairly with applications like SBSettings, Weekillbackground, Omnistat and other .

iphone kiosk 03

Hide native applications

With the arrival of iOS 5 Apple introduced the service kiosk so we can organize our subscriptions to magazines and all kinds of periodicals. The bad thing is that it works Kiosk as a folder and therefore can not be hidden inside a is always visible and for many users it is a nuisance. Currently there are several methods to hide this application but Apple should offer the possibility to hide Newsstand and any native application that we not use. Services such as Exchange, Compass, Calculator or Voice Memocan be very helpful but there are also cases where they are not used. The Cupertino could study thepossibility that we can hide these applications.

Swype keyboard Android 01

Improve virtual keyboard

The keyboard of the iPhone and iPad works pretty well and has a predictive text system that usually succeed in most cases. However there is no option to change the keyboard , only the language. For example in Android keyboards can be installed from the app store to write otherwise known as with the Swype keyboard, this system allows you to type by sliding your finger across the letters. It would be very interesting if iOS users could also enjoy this type of writing methods and not be limited only to the standard.

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To choose default applications

Another deficiency is that iOS does not give the option to select default applications. A clear example is the browser , the native application is Safari , but there are more interesting options such as Google Chrome. As Safari is the default browser, when you click a link in our email or on a social network is opened with Safari. The same happens with the email application. Apple should consider how to allow users to choose which program you want to open a link or send an email , as we do on a computer or other phones.

siri 01

Improve voice assistant Siri

Siri came as a management revolution we give our smartphones. However, full voice assistant that understands natural orders and answer all our requests, has turned out not to be as practical and not used as much as originally intended. The main reason that Siri has not been so popular is that not all features are available in any country, for example the movie ticket is only available in the United States. First Apple should offer a more globalized and without limitations depending on where we are.On the other hand should also expand their capabilities more in the style of what makes Google Now the wizard of Android phones.


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