5 renovations that can help keep your home secure

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Your home is full of more than just your valuables. Being robbed takes away the sense of security, and can cause severe anxiety. This can be said for preventing fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. The life of every family member is important, which is why you should at least perform these five renovations to keep your home safe and secure.

Monitoring and Security Cameras
One of the biggest deterrents for criminals is home monitoring systems. Having posted that you have hidden cameras will often cause the thief to choose a different home. You can install your own security system, or you can purchase a plan from a local home monitoring company. They will install home security cameras, but they will also notify you and the police if an intruder is spotted.

Motion Sensors
Motions sensors that turn on patio lights or spotlights around the home are another way to encourage criminals to go elsewhere. Home automation can be used for energy efficiency, but it is also helpful in security. You can purchase security cameras, as well as dead bolts that require a specific FOB key. In addition to having a special deadbolt, you should also have a peephole on your front door so you can check who is outside without opening the door.

Nanny Cam
If you have children or pets and hire a babysitter to care for them, you will want to consider a quality nanny cam being installed in the wall. This will offer you home security that keeps your mind at ease while you are away from the home. You will be able to see what your children are doing, as well as what the nanny is doing in your home.

Floor Plans
When you are building a new room or a new home, you will need to consider where you are planning to install windows and the bedrooms. You want your windows high enough off the ground that make them hard to get in and out of. Many types of window glass are available that will make the windows more durable. Finally, you will want to put the bedrooms on the second level if possible.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection
The final additions you should put into any room you remodel are smoke and gas detectors. Performing carbon monoxide monitoring is becoming increasingly imperative as the news keeps talking about recent deaths. The smoke detectors should have their batteries changed every six months to one year. There are also radon detectors, which are a great idea near rooms that have children residing inside.

When you are ensuring your safety, and the safety of those in your home, you can be overwhelmed. You will need to consider what products you are planning to buy. When you know what type of home advancements you are performing, you will want to talk to a security agency that can assist you. They will be able inform you on the benefits of each system, making it easier to compare different companies and products.

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