5 Microsoft operating systems that did not work.

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The Windows 8 has just been released and the expectation on him that there is very large. And that’s enough to leave analysts with enough fear, since history has shown that this can be accompanied by huge mistakes. Do not understand? For a number of operating systems have been launched over the last few decades and some of the most anticipated failures proved true.

There are dozens of examples that could be cited in this article, but decided to choose five of the most important failures of operating systems and limit ourselves to Microsoft for text. Do you know the names that talk here? Prepare to learn a little more about each chosen for our list.

MS-DOS 4.0

In a time when the GUI was not the main concern of users of computers, MS-DOS became one of the main tools for work worldwide. The operating system had many advantages over competitors and could meet most of the needs of consumers.

But 1988, version 4.0 of the Microsoft system was a real shot in the foot. For the first time, consumers were in the presence of an operating system that froze without much explanation – something like happens with the blue screen today. Because of the problems, most of the users back to MS-DOS 3.3 or left for rival DR-DOS.

Windows 1.01

If Windows today dominates the world market in the mid-80s Apple had some chances superior to those offered by Microsoft. In 1985, the Redmond company released Windows 1.01 and failed to convince consumers that this was the right choice for them. The GUI was very poor and could not what everyone expected.

Only two years later is that Microsoft managed to make progress, with the release of Windows 2.03. The glory that came with Windows 3.1, released in 1992. But to get there, it was necessary to go through some very complicated errors.

Windows Millenium

The Windows 9x family was marked by excellent operating systems. Windows 95 introduced a series of new possibilities for users, showing that multitasking systems (not as currently happens) could give new life to computers. Windows 98 and 98 SE version also earned rave reviews. But the last member of the family 9x was a real “black sheep”.

The site PC World considers Windows Millenium how something works “as well as a horse with wheels on the front legs and hooves on the hind legs.” Slow, unstable and unsafe, there are many users who claim that Windows Millennium only had a great service: make Windows XP look even more amazing.

Windows Vista

Given the evolution of Windows Millennium to XP, it was expected that Vista was an “upgrade” as beneficial as its predecessor. Greater than expected, the only disappointment, since he arrived as one of the operating systems heavier than we’ve had news.

The site Computer World revealed in 2008 that one third of PCs purchased with Windows Vista went through “downgrade” to Windows XP. Microsoft extended XP’s support for it, so it could be used until the release of Windows 7.

Windows Mobile

Created to run on smartphones and Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile has never proved a great option for consumers. With few deals and carrying the Windows name, generated great expectations and ended up taking a few differentials users. So never managed to take off too high.

But the biggest mistake Microsoft is not because of the system itself, but the insistence on it. When the iPhone hit the market, a new segment – the smartphones – showed clear signs that would be huge. But only in 2010, three years after the advent of the iPhone, is that Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7.


Now that you know that Microsoft has made some mistakes, still betting on Windows 8? We hope that he shows a great evolution for Windows 7. What is your guess?


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