5 IOS Tricks you might not know

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The new version of Apple’s operating system for tablets and smartphones, iOS 7 , fulfills a week. And in this time has been possible to take a look at the ins and outs of the platform to give all those points, perhaps less insistent users could have gone unnoticed. Today we look at five options that reside on iOS in July and that can remain hidden from eyes who would not have devoted enough time to explore the many options for this operating system. Consider these points calmly.

Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 7

Facetime for calls

Interestingly, since Apple would have found the unattractive have video calls to users, but equally have been encouraged to recycle their client Facetime owners face a iPhone . And is that while this application has had the appeal of connecting terminal users Apple (mobile and PC) using a proprietary system of contacts and video calls, the limited success recorded, as usual, on the other hand, since it went on sale across the board the first devices with front cameras back in 2006 – has been turning to those of Cupertino.

So, now you can also use Facetime without video, so that we can call our contacts without paying a euro long as our operator supports VoIP services. To do this, let’s look at the contact sheets and we notice that, users who operate with iOS 7 will be marked with a couple of icons in the section on Facetime. Clicking on a phone that looks like we will see that it is possible to start this option.

iOS 7

Share files via Airdrop

It is not uncommon to find computers Apple , and although its market penetration remains anecdotal compared to Windows , the popularity harvested by iPod, iPhone and iPad has helped those ofCupertino promote their brand and increase their market share on desktops and laptops. The latest versions of these devices operating system, Mac OS X , equipped with a system to share files over the wireless network from home or office, called Airdrop.

Well, with iOS iPhone and iPad 7 can also participate in the same network, so that the files you have stored on computers Apple compatible can be shared between them without using cables. In any case, it is interesting to note that the videos and pictures we capture with the iPhone or iPad can wirelessly transferred to hard drives of our computers Mac , although there top out this possibility, since we know the policy leonina Apple to when using iTunes as custom to pass information between the mobile device and the desktop or laptop.

Parallax, or a new way of understanding panoramic funds

No doubt that the visual appearance has been one of the most effort it has taken Apple to conceive wheniOS 7 . That is something that is obvious from the first moment. But even once saved the initial impact, the configuration and customization options are continuing. Think for example of Parallax , an option that allows us to use a careful pan covering the bottom of the main interface.

To do this, we use an image captured with settings Panorama of camera iPhone . After installing the new fund, it will remain static while moving the phone. In other words, identify a fixed position, and when we move the phone, the fund will move by calculating the position based on the data that you collect the accelerometer and compass. Very interesting, no doubt.

iOS 7

Chronography in iMessage

Like Facetime client is the native video and voice calls Apple , iMessage is focusing on instant messaging. Like that one, this allows to cross between mobile devices and PC compatible Mac equipped with the operating system version that integrates iMessage . A minor improvement has added to this application, which now allows us to see the full chronography message exchange. Although until now we could only know what time began each conversation, at this time we should just move the screen to the left so that the hours and minutes arising exact message was sent to. Simple but useful.


Not exactly a trick, but for its location there may be users who let go unnoticed this new feature of iOS 7 .Basically, it prevents any of our contacts when you make a connection with us when you call. No more mysterious. What you could escape us is to activate the command that blocks incoming calls from certain contacts. We would only have to enter the data from that to which you want to apply this filter and moving the screen to the bottom, give this option.

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