5 experiments ‘risky’ to ‘Star Wars’

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In full hangover purchase by Disney, and about to appear “Angry Birds Star Wars” remember some times when commercial smell was challenged George Lucas.

1. “ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS.” Luke Skywalker? sparrow beak?? Han Solo with bangs robin ? Chewbacca? Become a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and a hairball of a Siamese cat? Is a toucan gilded or R2-D2? Do those impulses of wanting to hug Darth Vader normal?Asked how are you assault, from day 8 , the brill ‘starwarsiano »to try this strange hybrid PC and mobile number that threatens to sweep the Christmas season. Nevertheless, it seems wiser than other games like‘Kinect Star Wars’ (with the karaoke mode of police court) or “The Old Republic” , which cost fiasco Lucas half a billion dollars .

2. “Clone Wars.” as if it were not enough the journey through the desert of his new batch of little movies, Lucas held out a little more agony to see Hayden Christensen donning the black death MASACA Vader, with an animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky(“The Powerpuff Girls”, “Hotel Transylvania” ) and delved into the events between “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” (as if anyone cared much). In television format still had its charm, although sometimes disturbing and reminded the eighties “The Ewok Adventure” but his leap to film in 2008 was simply embarrassed .

3. Jar-Jar Binks. Quite a blow to the fans, who are legion, and a cold shower for those who cheered for “The Phantom Menace” as little more than the great event of the modern cinema. Just stick his repulsive head for the big screen, this absurd and amphibious Gungan zangolotino, or whatever, he earned the antipathy of all, becominganti-icon “Star Wars” (Yoda would be its antithesis) and threat, nothing spectrum, a regression to childhood as idolized franchise. Many toasted with champagne when he left that frozen icicle in the game“The Force Unleashed” , but cross your fingers that Disney did not put it in the microwave .

4. MARCIANO MERCHANDISING. Lucas has never concealed the eagerness with commercial franchise that has exploded since its launch almost with its landmark agreement with Lego , followed almost all the “living forces” advertising of this galaxy. But the high costs of Skywalker Ranch are sound reasons have been marketed aberrations such as cookbooks with recipes guise of Boba Fett-uccinnis, Wookie Cookies or double Puppies dark toilet paper Chewbacca (disturbing images) , pajamas Ewoks, Yoda Pompero, wigs (plastic) of Princess Leia model Lady of Elche, horseshoe mustaches to be as Lando Calrissian, and even Darth Vader costume for dogs ? That, to say nothing of sexual merchandising , recognizing itself as Carrie Fischer in his monologue . All for the pasta.

5. 1978 Christmas special. Behold another “dark sides” par excellence of the series, and the first serious warning for Lucas who, embarrassed, tried by all means to convince viewers that “this” never came to pass. Too late. Because after his only issue, millions of people would be traumatized forever to contemplate Leia becoming legendary soundtrack saga buzzard in a carol, the Wookiees chatter in their language for fifteen minutes to a segment starring Han Solo Anime itself a child of five or Chewbacca’s father showing his virtuosity as toiletries zambomba (Christmas, of course). A horror. A delirium.Neither Darth Vader as Scrooge crept galactic. Why, Lucas?

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