4 apps to track Meteor Showers

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iPhone and Android allows you to track and locate meteor showers and other astronomical phenomena using these 4 applications. With one of them installed on a smartphone or tablet , it’s easy to know when and where to look in search of shooting stars. Consider, then, some of these programs for iPhone and Android.


1.Meteor Shower Guide

For iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch 

The Meteor Shower Guide provides a calendar of meteor showers and lots of additional information (in English) about these astronomical phenomena. It uses GPS to determine location and gives the hours of observation on the spot. It also calculates the times of sunrise and sunset, and moon phase on the day of the event. Data are useful for planning the observation.


For iPhone, iPod touch  and iPhone 

There are many astronomical observation programs for the iPhone. The StarWalk is one of the praised and is relatively cheap. In addition to displaying the sky map anywhere in the world and at any date and time, he lists the meteor showers along with other astronomical events. Just give them a ring in the sky to see the date corresponding with an indication of where the phenomenon should happen. 

3.Meteor Shower Calendar

For Android 

This calendar of meteor showers for Android lets you set alarms for your smartphone or tablet tell when the astronomical event will start when reach its maximum intensity and when it will end. It also tells you the weather forecast (obtained from Google), the moon phase and times of sunrise and the Sun The program also allows you to start a search on Google for more information about a particular rain.

4.Google Sky Map

For Android 

Like other similar applications, the digital planetarium Google enables easy location of the constellations, and with them, of meteor showers. The rain of Geminídeas, for example, happens in the constellation Gemini, as the name implies. Just place the tablet or smartphone against the sky and move it to find the right star. The application also allows you to search a meteor shower by name to see where it will happen.

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