3D without glasses technology in smartphones

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Already mobile phones that can record in 3D and then to see those images on a TV with 3D technology. But in the journal Nature has introduced a technology made ​​exclusively for mobile devices where you can view images in 3D without special glasses .

Those in charge of this project are led by David Fattal laboratories Hewlett-Packard , Palo Alto, California. They recognize that the holographic technology is best for displaying 3D images, but they know it is very expensive and so far, very slow to operate in real time.

The resources has done a story on this interesting paper from Soft Zone and we are going to talk about it. In Palo Alto are working closely with Neil Dodgson, University of Cambridge to develop a series of optical tricks to create 3D depth . The backlit display is designed to be very thin, has a high resolution and a wide viewing angle. The 3D images can be viewed from multiple angles, even though the device is tilted .

Multiple Images

The key to the success of this project is the generation of images through multiple diffraction of light from LEDs. They used a commercial device with the latest technology and high resolution LCD.

“The prototype presented in the ‘paper’ of ‘Nature’ used an LCD unit was not fully compatible with our backlight. So we have to complete the development of an appropriate unit (LCD or alternative technology) that can be placed on the multiview backlight system to produce high quality 3D videos, “stated lead author of the project, David Fattal to El Mundo.

The objective, as noted above is to commercialize this technology for mobile phones soon and not more expensive than the final price of the terminal , which would slow sales. For this reason is not yet known for sure when we will enjoy a smart phone that not only record videos in 3 dimensions, if not allowing play and enjoy them without glasses.


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