3D technology used to “prove” before manufacturing

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Mexico City . – Stepping buildings which have been built, test cars that do not exist or experience the rest of a hotel on vacation, is part of what can be achieved with 3D designs that promises not only facilitate but save millions sensations companies.

Professionals architecture, infrastructure and manufacturing have at their disposal tools that allow them to imagine, build and test virtually Martin Moreno, director for Latin America at Autodesk, says these systems have succeeded in democratizing the design: “When we AutoCad was the first massive software which meant that all architects, artists, engineers, builders and manufacturers, could have access, and that brought a very large value for the consumer who can experience things that could acquire, and the designer with a virtual model can be created before building things. “

Autodesk experience in Mexico is one of the most active countries in the use of this technology, whose adoption records levels above the average in Latin America and even in developed countries, which explain why our country has a production capacity in the world, “is highly industrialized, as an example we can see the car sector, but new markets are also interested, as is the development of interactive games for consoles.”

There are many cases that the company can share about how their software helped design ideas, one of which is Playa Viva, a residential community and a sustainable resort on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

That the facilities were designed to minimize impact on the land and to revitalize the surrounding community through the creation of sustainable local businesses. It has such a system for wastewater treatment using local species of marsh, gravel, and sunlight to produce potable water almost. Additionally, Playa Viva is able to recapture all the water that is released from the bathrooms, showers, and kitchens for reuse in irrigation and recharge the bathrooms.

At the international level is another case highlighting an expedition to Antarctica that planned for 15 years seeks to find clues about the beginning of life on Earth and climate change.

Engineers from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) could not make the issue before the risk and cost involved in having to transport their equipment by land for three days until the subglacial lake, where an auger would use hot water to create a hole 3.5 km deep in the ice and take samples of water, but only have four hours to gather samples before the hole again freeze.

By applying simulation technology and digital prototyping BAS engineers can now create a digital model of the drill, simulating the conditions in which they will work, test and analyze your plan and make adjustments before embarking on their expedition.

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