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Not the first time we mention a new version update Windows Phone 8 to take by name Windows Phone Blue What is less clear is the relationship that may exist between the new software and Windows Phone 9 , name has sometimes been mentioned regarding the company’s future projects, including those relating to the company iSoftStone, member of Microsoft . The question in the end is always the same, is it an upgrade WP Blue Windows Phone 8 or a new version of the system that would be called Windows Phone 9 ? In any case, the latter name is already accepted by the company, in addition to working on the project for months. From the information we have collected from MSFTKitchen , also referred to evidence that is being done on both hardware Nokia as HTC and Qualcomm . As already mentioned, it is curious that we miss Samsung. On the few data that provide these documents, what is clear is that Windows Phone 9 will have the ability to use and APPX XAP files for distributing and installing software on Microsoft operating system.Translated into Castilian and in real terms, WP9 could become the operating system for converged applications could work on both smartphones and tablets, as well as any hardware with Windows 8. Windows Phone 9 there All unified This is the ultimate goal of Microsoft , focused on unification and coined a phrase that in his day: “three screens (computer, smartphone and tablet) and the cloud.” If this is true, it would create a very attractive environment for developers whose products have a greater exposure to work with both Windows Phone and the Windows system that implement computers. Needless to say, this seems the right way because it is the only system working in this direction and in the end, what it is to facilitate the handling of equipment and be able to share the information with ease . What further desirable is that current Windows Phone 8 devices are fully upgradeable to Windows Phone 9. Hopefully before long Microsoft will revealing more about Windows (Phone) Blue or Windows (Phone) 9.

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