35 years traveling the Voyager 1

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Yesterday was fulfilled 35 years of the launch of Voyager 1. But on September 5, 1977 was not only the launch of the browser, but a big step for the exploration of our solar system.

The explorer Voyager 1 was launched along with its twin, Voyager 2 (launched on 20 August of that year), as part of a mission called “Planetary Grand Tour” (Grand Tour Planetarium).

The two explorers were sent to Jupiter, Voyager 2 took a longer route, so it was released before, then if the first mission was accomplished, were scheduled to travel to Saturn, Uranus and Neptune finally.

Only Voyager 2 made it to the final destination. However, these two travelers allowed an unprecedented advance in the knowledge of our solar system.

Now, with battery to continue their journey to the 2025 and 17 billion miles from the sun, we left the images that these scouts have given us.

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