3 Tricks to optimize performance with Jailbreak iPhone

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The Jailbreak offers many possibilities for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch . From customize the look of the system, add new features , that we not use remove and more. Apple mobile devices have the operating system iOS , one very simple and intuitive platform that usually works very smooth and seamless. Yet there are cases in which we can overwhelm the system if you have many applications open in the background, this causes that the free RAM drops and everything is slow, sometimes it may happen that we close applications. The Jailbreak may adversely affect this situation if you install many applications Cydia , but at the same time can also be very practical to improve performance. offer you some tricks to lighten the performance of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Jailbreak.



Manage running applications (multitasking)

As you know, the apple mobile terminals have a system that allows us to switch between applicationsactive to not have to start closing and opening each. This feature is well thought out but not very well resolved. The Apple system works by double clicking the home button to display the multitasking bar, from here we can open any tool that was active in the background, the problem is that the system is not too comfortable. Zephyr is an application of Cydia that allows management of this function in a much more intuitive, instead of pressing the start button all you have to do is swipe up to show the multitasking bar. Another advantage is that, if we are within an application and we must change to another, we need only slip sideways to cycle (this system is very similar to the iPad multitasking gestures but in this case we use a single finger.) Zephyr is available in Cydia for 3.80 euros.

Jailbreak WeeKillBackground

It is also very important to close the applications you have open so they do not accumulate, if we have many performance will be affected. Once again the system to close applications offered by Apple is not intuitive because you have to start closing one by one. WeeKillBackground is an application for notification center allows us to close all one-touch, it is also free .

Jailbreak Omnistat

Release RAM

As mentioned, when RAM is occupied by open processes, performance may slow and very uncomfortable operate the terminal in this state. Omnistat widget is an application for notification center which shows information about the status of the device and also allows free memory, just press on the pie chart.SBSettings also frees memory from paragraph processes , both apps are free .

iCleaner iOS6

Delete unnecessary files

Finally we can also clean the system temporary files and other data that is not used but it helps the performance is not as fluid. iCleaner another application is free for Jailbroken devices, which makes e s clear your cache and temporary files to improve performance and step gain some storage space. It is also recommended to delete all those applications that do not use Cydia and the same must be done with the App Store.


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