3 tips for creating a secure password

The excontratista NSA told television host John Oliver how to create strong passwords; the secret is not in extensive, but the complexity of the key, according to security analyst.

no longer phrases and words with multiple numbers is the best option for creating a secure password, which allows better protect your digital information, according to Edward Snowden.

The excontratista of Homeland Security United States (NSA, for its acronym in English), responsible for leaking documents with information on the programs most advanced military and civilian intelligence the US government said the driver of the nightly ‘Last Week Tonight ‘, John Oliver, how to create a strong password.


In an exclusive interview with driver and English comedian, Snowden said that despite advanced hacking techniques that may have governments and criminal groups in internet, poor user passwords are the main contributors of information theft.

“Bad passwords are one of the easiest ways to compromise a system. For someone who has a password eight characters can literally take less than a second for a machine discover “Snowden said.

Snowden Oliver joked about the possibility of creating passwords with words of many letters, but misspelled. Example, the English word password in “Password”, but written as “Passwerd”.

To which the analyst merely replied: “It’s a joke right?”.

1. Strong Keys

The best options for creating a password is to think of key-sentences, that is sentences that combine symbols, numbers and words, but they are easily remembered by the user, but guess complex system hacking.

Snowden exemplified with something like “Margarettacheres110% SEXY”. The key phrase combines signs and lowercase and capital letters are not as complex to remember user.

2. Avoid laziness to change
Besides Snowden, companies like Kaspersky and Symantec recommends that you change the password for all digital services at least every six months. Even those where sensitive information is stored at least every three months.

3. Combine sentences with services
Security firms such as Kaspersky estimate that an average web user has between 10 and 15 passwords, while the more advanced should store up to 25 passwords.

The excessive number of passwords that are handled forces users to use the same key for all your digital services. The problem is that if a password is compromised, all services could be affected.

The recommendation is to use part of the same sentence or password, but alter key parts according to the service used. With the example set by Snowden, would create a password like “Margarettacherses110% SEXYenFacebook”.

The component can be altered at any part of the sentence and allows the user to change the password for each service still remember the phrase.

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