2013 will be the year Apple TV

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Analysts predict Apple release next year TV iTV. In addition to his company can run analogue internet radio Pandora. In addition, expected iPhone 5S  with updated hardware.

Apple iTV television set to become one of the top three new products Apple in 2013, according to Apple Insider analyst Gene Munster(Gene Munster), which is generally believed that the future will be a year of significant changes in the product line “apple” of the company.

According to experts, to sales, Apple iTV launch in the New Year’s holidays, at the end of a 2013 device with screen sizes between 42 and 55 inches will be available for $ 1500-2000.

Munster believes that the distinguishing feature of the iTV will design – as with all products Apple.The device will not play as much a role as a TV receiver channels as a multimedia display for all other devices Apple.The analyst believes that the iTV will be equipped with features Siri and FaceTime.

Earlier, unofficial information about Apple TV appears repeatedly, including the information that Apple is in talks with television networks to supply content.In May 2012 it was reported that the company is in talks tobuyGerman manufacturer of premium TV Loewe.

The desire of the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs(Steve Jobs) to create a convenient TV with Internet access and synchronization with iCloud told by his official biography, Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson). According to the writer, “Jobs are very much wanted to do with television the same as that in the past has done with computers, music players and phones – to make them simple and elegant.”But Jobs did not have time to release a new product – in October 2011, he died after a long illness.

In 2013, is also expected to launch Internet radio Apple, which will compete with service Pandora, and held it before the TV will be presented, according to Munster.In September the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is negotiating in this area.According to some reports, Apple has previously interested in this market segment, but the company rejected the idea of starting your own project because of the problems and difficulties with the licensing of content.

The third major product in 2013 Gene Munster called iPhone 5S, which will be “a minor update» iPhone 5, with a more powerful processor, additional memory and better camera.Announcement of the device, according to experts, will be held in September.

The analyst also expects to announce new versions of OS X and iOS in June, at a conference for developers Worldwide Developers Conference.Experts believe that the new version of the mobile platform – iOS 7 – first time users will see new ideas, Jonathan Ive(Jonathan Ive), head of Apple’s industrial design, which in late October led a team to design a graphical interface.


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