2013: online gaming evolutions

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Online gaming is going through a number of evolutions that will have a significant effect on the whole industry. The big growth area over the last few years has been in the field of mobile gaming and most online gaming organisations like www.luckynuggetcasino.com have set up a mobile online casino. This trend is aided by a number of factors involving technology and infrastructure developments and will continue to evolve through 2013.

To date the advantage of mobile gaming has been that it is instantly accessible from any location, while the disadvantage is that the games are not as complex or immersive as games played on a desktop computer.  However with further advances that are expected on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, this is likely to change; mobile gaming will get more immersive.
There are significant signs of a changing attitude to mobile gaming. In the past people have been quite happy playing games such as Angry Birds, but many people are turning progressively to more hardcore games as well as real money gambling games.

There is also likely to be a big change in the online gambling regulations in both Europe and the US. Is seems that the US is almost on the brink of legalising online gambling, which will have a major impact on the industry.  In Europe there are changes afoot in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands with will also open up new markets. Altogether it is estimated that if these changes really do take place then the revenues generated by mobile gaming in Europe and the US could reach $2 billion dollars by 2014.
The roll out of 4G networks in the UK will also have a big impact on the mobile gaming market, bringing mobile broadband to many people who have not been able to access even 3G technologies. With more reliable and faster connections the whole mobile gaming experience will improve considerably.

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