2 apps to accompany the London Olympics

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Want to keep up with the London Olympics in smartphone? The Organizing Committee of Olympic Games distributes for free, two apps that provide information about the games, including of course the results. Both are available for iPhone, iPhone and Android.And the main app, which brings the timing and outcome of the games run well on Windows Phone. Both applications also cover the Paralympic Games, which take place after the regular Olympics. See details.

1.London 2012: Official Results App


Free, in English, to iOS , Android and Windows Phone(7.5 or later)

With the mileage name “London 2012: Official Results App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games”, the application of official results of the Olympic Games brings the schedule of competitions, news and scores from each team. It includes a medal and also profiles athletes. The user can mark favorite sports like to receive news from them. You can also configure the app to send alerts about Brazil or another country. He will receive alerts on medals won and abstracts on the daily performance of the country. Of course, you must have Internet access to obtain the data.

2.London 2012: official Application Join In

Free, in English, to iOS , Android and BlackBerry


“London 2012: Application Join In official Olympic Games and Paralympic Games” is the official guide of the Olympic games aimed at people who go to London to watch the games.These people can use the app to guide and to share information on social networks. But the application can also be interesting for those who will not want to be there but on the inside of the Olympics. There are details about the Olympic torch relay, the opening and closing ceremonies and complementary events that will happen in cities across the UK.

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