14,000 years ago the whale ate Malaga

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Makes between 13,500 and 14,500 million years, hunters and fishermen of Nerja (Málaga) moved the meat, fat and skin of whales to their caves, where they cooked and ate. An international study published in the journal“Quaternary International ‘ , discovered in the Cueva de Nerja hundreds of remains of two types of barnacles, small crustaceans that live on the skin of whales .


“Being closely associated with the edible parts of the whale and appear many of them burned inside a home, the presence of these crustaceans gives us the earliest indirect evidence of whale consumption in European prehistory , “adds Stephen Alvarez -Fernandez, a researcher at the University of Salamanca and the paper’s lead author.

Many of the remains found in barnacles were completely burned, indicating that then roasted whale meat to eat . These crustaceans, as analyzed by scientists, lived in the skin of a southern right whale, own water hemisphere. This further confirms the hypothesis about the temperature drop that occurred in that period.

This study, involving researchers from the UNED and the CSIC, said that never before had found these two crustacean species together in a prehistoric global scale.

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