10 tips to improve your website usability

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For web usability understand the way we design the user interaction-page. It looks like the web interface is presented clearly and with a simple use of the end user.

A few years ago the premium placed on the spectacular sites , flash animations from all corners, menus and more menus with effects. Today that trend has been forgotten and developers seeking simplicity in their sites to find the information / product in fewer clicks.

Some of the rules to keep in mind to create a more usable website:

The links should look like links , do not overdo on applying CSS.

Users send , keep communicating with them and presents that content increased demand cover at all times.

The sites are not read, are scanned with the light, is concise and clear. Use bold to highlight the essentials in each paragraph and leaves blank spaces for the eye to rest.

The typeface must be clear and big enough point , if the user needs to work on reading, forget to read your content.

Summarize your content at the beginning of each page, a brief sample of what information is to receive if you read the entire contents.

Try to make your website compatible with all browsers, yes, the damn IE>:]

The forms and questionnaires should be as simple as possible. Each question or field you add, the possibility that the user does not interact.

The breadcrumbs or “breadcrumbs” are ensenciales in the internal navigation of a website, your user tries to use the “back” at any time.

Alternative text for images or videos, the famous label alt = “text”

Create a site with “responsive design” , ie adaptable to any type of device, either: pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone …

Finally let a heat map, each site is different and each will have to adapt but this is an example of how to distribute the content:

If you’ve got here is that your reading is not allocated at all bad this content.As Steve Jobs would say: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Have a nice day;)

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