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Today, most business is done by Internet or at least have a website . Become known in the network is essential for the public find your products or services, but embarking on the adventure, you need to do well, and it begins by taking care aspects in web design portal.

Thus, when creating a website, you should consider the following factors:

1) Upload speed. On the Internet: the patience of users decreases. According to statistics, are 10 the second a surfer usually wait until a page loads. If this time increases, reducing the percentage of users who are willing to wait.
Therefore, you must make sure your page loads quickly in both its web and for mobile telephony.

2) Provides the user what they want: Be original and find a way to differentiate yourself from your competition . Put yourself in the user and think about what you are looking for that you can offer. Once you know, find a way to communicate, either through your products or services, either through good content-that sparks your attention.

3) Titles striking : Headlines are the first thing you see on a page, so you must use them to engage the user. Use catchy phrases to respond to a question from a user or solve any of your questions.

4) What do you offer? is a question that may be the Internet if they reach your website and do not know what will. You must make it clear what you offer at any time and explain all the details of your product or service.

5) Simplicity: It is shown that a simple web page is one that manages to get best results. A design elegantly simple , easy to read and pleasing color to the eye catches a user much better than a colorful site llamativos.Ello not mean that use black and white, just that you combine the colors for easy reading and using images or videos you amenicen content.

Take care also structure , to be clear, and the otrografía : you must not make mistakes, as it generates rejection. It is also advised to avoid errors of development as the development of questions in those characters that contain a tilde, it is not pleasing to the eye or for reading.

6) Data: If you have a business, you must include a minimum data and contact information : name, address, telephone and email are the basics to include.
Otherwise, it is likely that users give them the feeling that the business is abandoned and gives them confidence.

7) Answers: If your site receives many inquiries from users, you can create a section where you go solving them . Thus, Internet users can consult and so avoid having to respond repeatedly to the same question.

8) Feed and social networks : A good way to keep interested users informed on your website is offering a free newsletter , as well, if something interests you, come back to your website. Place your subscription button on a visible part of the page. Similarly, social media which tell – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. .. – should appear in a prominent place , since many users prefer to stick to brands through these platforms.

9) 404 Not Found: are some numbers to avoid. Constantly reviewing your site to not display any broken links , then often causes the abandonment of the page and search for information on another website that does work.

10) And above all, order: All web content must be structured in a logical manner and to facilitate navigation to users. Do not be lost on your site.

With these simple tips will achieve to improve the look of your website and attract, for longer, your followers.

Any advice what to add?

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