10 things you did not know the Nokia Lumia 820

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In fact, the Nokia Lumia 820 is marketed throughout and from next January we will have from 500 euros with operators such as Vodafone . In any case, the Nokia Lumia 820 is a special mobile phone for several reasons. One of the most important, certainly, is that it works through the operating system Windows Phone 8 , the latest version of this mobile platform Microsoft .

Another system is the wireless charging , integrated to the device using new housings that are sold with the device and allow the user to re-energize your phone without using cables.Now, the corporate blog Nokia Conversations has released an interview with Pablo Tapia , marketing manager of the firm, to explain ten curious details about the new Nokia Lumia 820 . Curious to know? Tell you all then.

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1) The camera can translate text . In fact, if you click on the search button of Bing and aim with the camera on the text you want to translate, in just a few seconds you will receive the translation. This is a most useful tool for those who are always traveling or on the move.

2) Use the new NFC technology . Its abbreviation stands for Near Field Communication and refer to communications and file transfers by cutting scope. With one touch, users can transfer information to other contacts , synchronize the music stored on the phone in speakers or make payments at stores that have enabled this system.

3) Enjoy music with Nokia Music . Nokia has always given great importance to the musical question. A while now, mobile phone users of this firm have had a service for downloading songs . Now, the newNokia Lumia 820 also has an application called Nokia Music , specially equipped for transferring songsstreaming with speakers. We remind you that Nokia has a wide range of accessories to enjoy music anywhere without wires.

4) Encourage still photographs. The Nokia Lumia 820 , like the other terminals Lumia to be upgraded toWindows Phone 7.8 , has an application called cinemagraph . It is a tool to encourage formerly static photographs. A treat for those who are curious about the editing. Now they can do it from your own phone.

5) Listen to music and your partners without problems . The speaker of the Nokia Lumia 820 is located on the front instead of being in the back cover. This makes calls and music can be heard with total clarity when the phone is resting on a table.

6) The sound quality has greatly improved. because the Nokia Lumia 820 includes a pair of microphones HAAC to record sound without distortion. At the top you have a video of a recording made with this phone at a metal concert. ‘s obvious quality. Rather, the ear.

7) The memory can be extended to the maximum . For the first time in the history of the Lumia , this terminal has an SD card slot . Thus, the user can expand the memory up to 64 GB, which is an unusual peak in these devices. As if this were not enough, the user can enjoy an internal memory of 8 GB and 7 GB of cloud storage on SkyDrive .

8) Share your connection . The device has Wifi Hotspot . This means that you can anchor more phones, tablets or laptops to your connection 3G . The limit is eight teams.

9) Remove the battery whenever you like . The Nokia Lumia 820 is a phone that can be disassembled. In fact, you will have occasion to remove the battery when you need it , switch to another or make any management for smooth operation.

10) Enjoy the new application Smart Shoot . Nokia has made several improvements in its newsmartphones , also in the field of software . In fact, you can use a new app called Shoot Smart used tocapture different photos and select the one best left considering the faces and gestures of the people who appear in the snapshot.

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