10 powerful Tips for Successful Web Design

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Tips for proper Web Design.

The design of a Web site to promote products and services Web requires a set of strategies designed to make the site successful seller and achieve the mission of an entrepreneur or an SME in the network that is sold and for this reason get more opportunities to do business online.

That is why catch and raise user interest from the outset is vital to a business on the net, after all the exit door is only available to a mouse click, here are 10 tips that are sure to help achieve this:

Your website must load quickly

You only have 10 precious few seconds to spark their interest before they leave. Your visitors and probably you do not expect 30, 40, or 50 seconds until the site loads, in Internet time, and weighs a lot, when we surf on the network loses patience quickly, so it’s best to make sure your pages are graphically light not to turn your website for the patience of your prospects in one place “heavy.”

Awakens their interest by giving what you are looking

Your prospectus before buying will first of all for information, the “What’s here for me”, give them just that information, but not give them any information content that can not get in your competition, that is why your content can not be more of the same with others, you must approach it from a novel point of view that does so fresh and original. In this way feel that your site has that you are looking for and that only you can offer.

Put what you offer vision

Teach clearly and at an early stage products or services you sell, if your prospects are not sure that your site isweb , you will leave confused and it is very unlikely to recover them.

Catch a powerful title

If you put a title to call her attention, you will attract interest in seeing what you have for him, and stay longer which increases the ability for you to sell your products or services.

Give to receive

Do you want your prospects to subscribe to your newsletter?, Then offer them for free and relevant content is the best way to gain their trust, confidence is a very important step before they decide to buy your products or services. After the subscription can also send information periodically, either courses, seminars and even free software that supports and will serve as a tool to supplement the relevant information of interest.

Web design simple but elegant

A web site is not easy to be unattractive, as opposed to many people think, websites that have more business opportunities and more sold today in the network are precisely those that are simple yet elegant. Very important no grammatical errors, misspelled a little professionalism and generates denotes rejection and distrust of users. Must not have garish background colors should be pleasing to the eye and their texts with an appropriate size and easy to read for everyone.

Put a map to your site

If your site web is very large it is best to have a site map to provide your users get what they want.

Basic Information

Always, include the name, address, and telephone numbers on our site web . It is amazing the amount of business flowing through the network to give the impression of being orphaned and headless, lack basic information of the person, which certainly creates mistrust and lack of credibility for the user, there is also a contact e-mail possible in each and every one of the pages that make up the site.


If you have to answer the same questions over and over again, you better do a page with the answers to these FAQs, your visitors just have to consult quickly to clear their doubts related to your products or services.

Give them a Glossary of Terms

A great way to keep your prospects coming back again and again to your business is making available, a glossary of terms with the information they need, they will return again and again to discuss their doubts and more you can offer your products or services .


The site site should be designed to catch and raise user interest from the outset, and thus the prospect spend as much time as possible within the site web , in order to succeed than to see your products or services, and before think that what you’re looking this elsewhere and leav

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