10 keys of Line

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  • The Line Japanese tsunami threatens to engulf the reign of WhatsApp.
  • It can be used from a computer, allows voice calls, has a social network.


Unlike its main competitor, WhatsApp, Line includes in its service platform with Windows PCs and Mac computers must be added to the bid for iOS mobile operating systems (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.


Neither Skype nor Tango … None of the available VoIP applications have managed to gain hegemony. Line, which includes in one ‘app’ multitude of hitherto separate services, could become the ruler by holding the pull and consolidate as successor succeeds WhatsApp.


Instant messaging and voice calls, Line adds social functions Twitter-style. Each user has a wall o ‘timeline’ to share their activities and moods with friends.


Line is an ever expanding universe, which is extended with external applications.One of the best known is Camera, an ‘app’ for retouching images according to visual aesthetics of ‘chat’ Lets decorate your photos with ‘stickers’ as using Line and offers a selection of over 100 frames.


Line external application to send greeting cards to your friends. It is a popular idea and on social networks like Facebook, where users exploit similar services to congratulate their friends on the occasion of his birthday celebrations and other important events in their lives featured.


One of the most recommended drawing applications for iOS, Android not yet available. Flex your artistic creating drawings with your fingers or from your photos.


There are exclusive games for Line, but have launched a special version, changing its name, to integrate with the ‘app’ IM fashion. So far available Cartoon Wars (strategy / tower defense), Pop (puzzles) and Birzzle (puzzle action).


This is a paid service aimed at businesses and ‘celebrities’ of all kinds. With them you can follow updates from your favorite artists and celebrities or, for example, take advantage of the discounts that can offer a store through Line.


One aspect in which Line exceeds the king of the chat rooms. While in WhatsApp all contacts in your address book automatically become your friends, Line offers a multitude of options to add (even without providing your phone number) and allows, among other things, rejecting friendships or group invitations. ‘App’ prepared!.


The sauce of this analysis and the actual Line are the ‘stickers’, an evolved form of emoticons which has incredible results in the Asian market. There are four free packages and many more can be downloaded from a catalog payment.

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