Xperia Z hit the market

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Competition in the wireless industry is relentless and will not stop. In this sense, the Japanese company Sony, between the months of April and May officially launched for marketing in the market, its new tablet version: Tablet Xperia Z. This device has already ultramodern reserves and may be recalled that last month was released in Barcelona (Spain) in the context of the encounter Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013. 

Xperia Z

Xperia Z

This Asian invention of one of the leading firms in the global market two models offer WiFi: 16 gigabytes ($ 600) and 32 Gigabytes of memory ($ 680) , being only $ 80 economic difference considering that it is double the memory. As for aesthetics, are known to be found in two colors: white or black. There is also a 16GB model with LTE, but its price has not been mentioned, which would imply that the product is released later. As already accustomed to do, Sony has decided to show a short video, the “disintegration” of the parts of Xperia Tablet Z, in order to satisfy the curiosity of the geeks, freeing the vulnerability of this ingenious creation, totally unarmed. 

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